Simple Infinite MotoBiker
Customizable Complete Game-kit

Simple Infinite MotoBiker Game Starter-Kit featuring a fully customizable generative map.
The source-code is completely refactored in this new version, This game is a very good example for learning resource management (i.e memory, storage, GPU and CPU) and generating game levels using separated meshes. It’s also very easy to replace meshes (Cars, Player, Nitro Booster Platforms, Menu Items, road Blocks), and making some new spawn-able items and also customize the player, Camera and rendering features.

The map is generated from some prefabs and it’s fully customizable and new mesh lenght finder feature carry the diffrent prefab lenght of the road element dificulty. The game automatically removes the generated platforms to reduce the System Resources usage, in this new version you can also define the spawn item removal speed, so the game is wonderfully optimized and runs fast and smooth on any device.

– Road Generator
– Ability to add Road Elements in different Size.
– New Spawn System for spawn Car, Road Block, Nitro and any custom item on the road
– Documentation Added.
– Mobile Device Compatibility
– Accelerometer controller
– Two type of controls: Mouse, Mobile Device
– Mouse sensitivity control
– Accelerometer sense control
– Onscreen Acceleration and Break UI
– Speedometer HUD
– Pause
– Unit Metric Switch – Imperial and Metric
– Menu Scene
– GameOver Scene
– Fake Loader Scene
– Auto Camera view distance based on Speed
– Camera Rotation Offset Added
– MotorBike engine sound
– Gear definition
– Simple Highscore System
– and many other features…


– Left-Right: Mouse Movement or Accelerometer
– Accelarate: RMB or Onscreen Pedal
– Break: LMB or Onscreen Pedal
– Pause: P

Note: The scripts are in C# and well commented so you can easily modify the game features.

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